reflexologyReflexology is a holistic therapy, which deals with all aspects of being, physical, mental and energetic. It consists of reflex points on the feet and hands which represent all our systems and the organs involved in them. By working these reflex points, by applying pressure, all organs and glands are stimulated to work at 100% capacity. Helping systems to return to a natural state of balance, working optimally, and increasing self-healing. Reflexology is a noninvasive therapy, improving a wide range of symptoms and is suitable for all ages and conditions.

The word “holistic” is derived from the Greek word holos, meaning “whole.” It is a philosophy that recognizes the treatment of the body as a whole recognising physical, mental, emotional and energetic dimensions. Thus we see the role of therapy or treatment as a stimulator of the healing process.

It considers the individual:

Holistic Reflexology like other therapies proposes a different learning process, it gives us a different perspective directed towards oneself.

“A new path to a better quality of life.”

In the clinic we work holistically offering individualized treatments where a variety of advanced Reflexology techniques are applied such as VRT-Vertical Reflex Therapy, CranioSacral Reflexology, Precision Reflexology, Sokushindo – Japanese Reflexology , etc and complementing reflexology treatments with Flower Therapy, Diet and Nutrition advice,  Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy as well as offering sessions of EFT -Emotional Freedom Technique and Metamorphic Technique, according to the needs and preferences of each client.